Saturday, April 29, 2006


how you can help us

During our survey we need a number of people to be surveying their neighbours. In their closes and landings.

We also need people to take the time to answer the survey

We are a small independent group of tenants and residents who live in the area, and we don't have the resources of the GHA or the council so without your help and involvement it will be difficult for us to carry this survey out.

the reason we are doing this is that when we go to the housing and demand that repairs be carried out we won't to know exactly what the situation is. Currently we are often fobbed off as individuals by the GHA telling us that only we have this issue or problem and nobody else is affected. We know that isn't the case and we want to prove it.

If you want to get involved and you live in Cedar write to, or ring and leave a message for us at the George's X Chalkboard on 332 2902.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Tenants Association embarks on ambitious survey campaign

Cedar Tenants Association is currently finishing a pilot of a survey for the whole of Cedar Court. The association wants to survey the whole of the scheme to gauge people's views on a variety of subjects, to let people know about what the association has been up to and to widen the membership of the association and the range of activities that we are involved in, but most importantly to find answers to some questions.

In the survey will be questions about whether or not people have been stuck in lifts, whether people feel included in the community, whether rents are appropriate or too high and also how people feel about a range of ongoing issues from repairs to GHA's underspend.

You can help out by filling in the survey when a volunteer comes round, but also by taking some of the surveys, getting involved and asking your neighbours! If you can help with the survey in any way and you're a resident in the area please let us know either c/o the George's X Chalkboard (0141 332 2902) or via our email address -

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