Sunday, May 21, 2006


Living in Cedar St

I love living in the Cedar St high flats. I like the view, I have a good close and I know my neighbours. I like being able to see what the weather is like in the Southside and seeing the hills around Glasgow from my balcony. Most of the concierge are friendly and I feel safe even walking home late at night on my own because I know someone is always around. The local shops serve all my needs, and I think there is a feeling of community, although I know some people dont think so. I like seeing all the kids play football together in their celtic and rangers kits when there's an old firm match.

I think it would be difficult to live here if I had kids. There's not really anything for them to do if they don't play football. I don't think I'd feel safe letting them out on their own, especialy as if they have any problems in the lifts the emergency button would be out of their reach.

I also don't like the state of the back stairs. If there was a fire or when the lifts aren't working we all have to use them but they are really slippery and vandalised. I've seen the remains of where someone's been shooting up heroin. Also there's sometimes blood. The kids often hang out there and there's lots of graffitti.

I've heard that there's asbestos in the flats but I don't know where it is, so I don't know where its safe to drill eg to put up shelves.

I think we should get new kitckens because if they took the big old cupboards out it would be much more spacious and the existing units are disgusting. Also the lifts should get replaced as they often break down and they're too slow. Because they are two seperate lifts if someone on the 20th floor presses both call buttons they both trundle all the way up so you can be stuck at the bottom for ages waiting for them to come back down.

I think heat with rent is ridiculous - I only have the heating on for a few months a year but I still pay for it all year round £30 per month on top of my rent! And thats for "storage" heaters that are get too hot at night but don't heat the house in the late afternoon and evening when you really need it.

Alice - tenant in 65 block.


Email list

I just created a new email discussion list as quite a few of us use email.

You don't have to be in the tenants asociation to join the list, but you do have to live in Cedar St or Cedar Court.

It will allow people who can't go to meetings to still be involved in discussions about our area, and to help us get to know each other.

To join, put your email address in the box at the top of this website. You will then get an email back to ask you to confirm your email address by clicking a link. On that page it asks you to describe yourself - please give your address so that we know that you really are resident here.

Please leave a message here if you have any difficulties or questions or you can email me

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