Thursday, October 13, 2005


Authoritarian Farce

The GHA send out details of further meeting dates and send along men in suits from Granite House - headquarters of the GHA.

GHA officials had told tenants participating in these meetings that they were to 'act as a buffer between tenants and the GHA'.

What was meant by this was that if tenants had a problem the job of the tenants association, as the GHA saw it, would be to allow people to express their frustrations to the tenants association (a small committee). The tenants association would then carry their concerns to the GHA. The idea behind this was that concerned tenants would only speak to the tenants association.

In the case that the GHA wanted to announce something the role the GHA outlined for the tenants association would be to relay the message of the GHA word for word.

In effect what was being proposed was that a tenants association would be a small committee of known individuals who would be effectively co-opted into the management of the GHA. They even went to the extent of handing us 'our' constitution.

This was a total farce and Cedar tenants rejected the whole premise of a couthy, GHA-friendly committee by boycotting these meetings, which soon ceased taking place.

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