Saturday, October 22, 2005


The posters

In order to discuss how we are going to win our basic facilities from the GHA, the Association began calling a general meeting of the membership, to take place on Thursday the 20th of October.

In order to publicize this members went round all the closes and landings in the scheme and put posters up inviting members and non-members alike to a meeting at the George's X Chalkboard ( We became disheartened when we saw that many of these posters were being removed not long after we put them up. We put it down to weans being ignorant. However we were suprised to find out later, that it had been the head concierge; he informed a member of the association that the posters had constituted a fire hazard, that the children had been setting them alight, and had taken it upon himself to take all the posters down. He had also (perhaps to strengthen the pretext) quizzed the member why the association wasn't puting leaflets through everyone's door. Perhaps he should print them? Or perhaps GHA could give us access to our facilities so that we can run off leaflets ourselves?

At any rate the association is convinced that these childish and churlish attacks on our ability to organise as tenants was not merely off the bat of our senior concierge, but came from those at the housing. 'Just you take these posters down, and make up some reason why you did it,' rings much more true than the ludicrous idea that posters (which GHA is apt to put up in the same places when it feels like, or gets round to, informing tenants about something) constitute an intolerable fire hazard. This is especially true and the latter especially ridiculous when looking at the usual blase fire safety conduct shown by GHA - who are often happy to leave bagged rubbish in ever growing piles by bins for weeks, or who do nothing, in some cases for years, when antisocial tenants turn communal drying areas into makeshift cowps for the disposal of their rubbish - a phenomenon that has led to dangerous fires and that still remains in some cases to be dealt with.

Notwithstanding the behavious of the GHA on this occasion, the meeting did go ahead as planned.

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