Wednesday, November 16, 2005


A letter to Patricia Ferguson MSP

A copy of this letter was sent to the Housing Manager at Queens Cross - Steven MacAvoy.

It was written by the current treasurer of the tenants association.


Dear Patricia Ferguson,
I am writing to you regarding the breakdown of our lifts at 65, Cedar st,.
As I left the house on Friday 4th Nov morning the two lifts were off and the was for (25 mins) there were 7 tenants walking down all the backstairs as we reach the foyer tow of the oldest tenants who have lived in the flats since they were built were standing to get the lift to their houses. When I spoke to the concierge he did not know they were putting the two lifts off, I was really, really, annoyed at having to walk down all the backstairs from the (17 floor). Its getting beyond a joke, two weeks before this the wee boy who lives along the corridor from me he was stuck.
But he said it was to be about 10 mins or so, and thats what the two oldest tenants said they would be back on in (10 mins). It was (25 mins) but no one told us, the Tenants , whether or not it's 10 mins or not we are supposed to know. Plus 2 lifts off at the one time was never allowed they must keep one lift operating so I was so annoyed. Also the wee boy along the corridor was stuck in the lift the week before, for more than (1/2 hour) and that was just after 6-00PM. Its just getting beyond a joke the week before the boy was stuck the lift kept banging at nearly every floor the banging, and noise was terrible then the boy was stuck in it. The the two lifts off on Friday morning, is it not time GH payed out for new lifts?
GHA never let you know what is happening with out lifts, also don't tell tenants the lift is going off, for a period of time, and having the disgrace to put both lifts off, and don't let the tenants know it's reidiculous. I don't think yourself Patricia od Councillor Malik or GHA members would put up with it either - so why should the tenants of Cedar st. We want new lifts not lifts that break down every so many weeks - it's getting worse. I would be grateful if I would have a response this time regarding our lifts, and other repairs they are going to do in our flats, or whether they are being pulled down like in Springburn.

Yours sincerely,

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