Sunday, November 27, 2005


Strategic Underinvestment

South Maryhill LHO Investment Spend for year April 2004 - March 2005

Target | Planned | Actual | Variance
£1,788,081 | £1,058,746 | £856, 497 | £931,854


The GHA can gloss those stats up in fancy brochures through the letter box all they like, but the numbers speak for themselves. Out of a budget of £1,788,081 for the whole year, they managed to spend just £856,497, which equates to just under 48% of the actual budget for the year.

In other words they managed to spend less than half their budget on this area. This is despite the fact that the Cedar Court part of the St George's Estate is needing its lefts replaces its common areas better maintained, its repairs more efficiently carried out, it potential asbestos problems dealt with, its childrens' play areas invested in and upgraded and the general look of the place improved.

Our housing officials and representatives have become so incompetant they can't even think of things to spend money on while the people who live in the area have ideas coming out of their eyeballs in terms of what that near million quid they forget to use this year past could have been spent on.

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