Friday, November 18, 2005


Tenants Are Not Puting Up With This Carry-on

A message from the Association's Treasurer

Tenants are not puting up with this carry-on with our flats, and when Tenants have to walk down the (excape root) the backstairs, the stairs are so dangerous they are slippy, and wet, that someone could have a bad accident, and fall its not right for old people or tenants who have kids, babys with prams having to walk up and down all those stairs. It's not right, and something has to be done to our lifts. We need some new ones, and I think its about time we got them, everyone knows that. Also the engineers they said the same thing that the lifts are no use so why are we not getting new ones, as we cannot put up with this, lifts out of order all the time. It's not us if GHA can't afford them, it's just not acceptable the continuous breakdown. We the tenants are sick of it.

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