Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Comment from a long standing resident

This was posted as a comment on a previous post, but it is important so I am reposting it here, as a top level post.

"i think for an area such as cedar court having more than 300 families within the 3 blocks, that some sort of social recreation centre should have been built instead of a so called bowling green no one uses, except those who walk their dogs they aint meant to have living in the flats. people talk of teenagers and crime rates in this community , but what is there for kids to do? there is a small wall for them to gather on and drink their bucky and there is always the backstairs for them to drink and smoke on when its raining and cold, of yes and there is always a climbing frame if they get bored.........come on cedar tennants lets get out there and fight for the future of these flats and get the community spirit back into this area. i have lived in this area all my life and i am ashamed to bring visitors to my house because of the state of the area. places like easterhouse, drumchapel and possil have all received a face life making it look better, if this happened here then maybe people would take pride in where they lived and the youngsters would have something to do rather than commiting crime in this run down pathetic area."

hi, seen u had set up a Blogg, reading from the digger newspaper. I thnk u are doing a great job and fighting for your community. i put a link on my website to your Blogg.

Keep fighting...

john quinn
I agree that Cedar tenants should get up and do something about the area. There's something like this going on in Hamiltonhill too. I don't know about Possil having a facelift. It still looks pretty shit out there to me. Something should be done about it, but nobody ever listens to people here.
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