Saturday, December 03, 2005


Further barriers to tenant participation

"This is your city. These are your homes. [The GHA] is your organisation."
[Foreword to the GHA's tenant participation strategy document]

Well if the Chairman of GHA is correct then he should explain why it is that despite two separate sets of posters handed into the concierge for them to put up in the nnotice boards of our blocks advertizing our meeting, given to the concierge 4 weeks and one week before the meeting did not result in them being put up, despite constant reminders from members of the association to put them up. Obviously this was not an isolated incident, or a result of incompetence from the concierge because it has happened on so many occasions. Other organisations can put up their publicity inviting tenants to come along to their events and meetings without any problem. Apparently for an independent tenants association like Cedar TA the situation is different.

Is the GHA doing all it can to promote tenant participation when Cedar Tenants Association is being effectively barred from access to facilities that are supposed to 'belong' to tenants?

Perhaps what is most annoying however is the casual disregard in which we are held. Nobody from the GHA would ever openly admit that the posters continue not to put up because they concern the tenants association. They are always graciuously accepted, and then presumably quickly thrown in the bin.

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