Thursday, December 15, 2005


Official Complaint Regarding Posters

Dear Stephen McAvoy,
I am writing to you to make an official complaint regarding Cedar Tenants Association being prevented from using noticeboards located in each of the three tower blocks in Cedar Court. A copy of this email (and subsequent letter) is being sent to both the MSP and councillor for this area also.

Since our inception as a tenants association in July this year, and prior to this point throughout June, we have sporadically been prevented from using facilities set aside for tenants, including the meeting room, and noticeboards, but latterly it had seemed as if GHA had become more reasonable in allowing us to pursue at least some of
the activities that we should expect to be able to. However the period covering the past few months saw the head concierge systematically taking posters advertising our meeting down in October, after the concierge failed to put up posters in the noticeboards; senior concierge Frank Quinn had personally received these posters
some weeks prior to the meeting. The justification given for the removal of these posters (located in closes) which was given was that these posters were a fire hazard, an implausible pretext given that rubbish is still lying in neglected common areas (as it has for years)within the flats and GHA does absolutely nothing to address this.

We do not understand why this happened and would like an explanation.

Notwithstanding that we were much heartened to see our posters go up (somewhat late, but they went up) in the run up to our November meeting, and we had hoped that in future we might be able to publicise our meetings unhindered. We were much annoyed then when not one, but two separate sets of posters handed into the concierge failed to go up, over a period of several weeks, which saw members of the association continually ask the concierge senior to put the posters up. Obviously this fell on deaf ears.

On one or two occasions it would be possible to pass such events off as accidents, absent-mindedness or something similar but what we have experienced seems to be more the result of a deliberate policy to prevent Cedar Tenants Association from growing and broadening its membership. We would therefore remind you of your commitments to
tenant participation and point you towards GHA's own tenant participation strategy. We would further advise you that the STO are taking these matters into consideration and we are seeking advice on how to take this matter further.

Yours faithfully,
The Secretary (Cedar Tenants Association)

i think for an area such as cedar court having more than 300 families within the 3 blocks, that some sort of social recreation centre should have been built instead of a so called bowling green no one uses, except those who walk their dogs they aint meant to have living in the flats. people talk of teenagers and crime rates in this community , but what is there for kids to do? there is a small wall for them to gather on and drink their bucky and there is always the backstairs for them to drink and smoke on when its raining and cold, of yes and there is always a climbing frame if they get bored.........come on cedar tennants lets get out there and fight for the future of these flats and get the community spirit back into this area. i have lived in this area all my life and i am ashamed to bring visitors to my house because of the state of the area. places like easterhouse, drumchapel and possil have all received a face life making it look better, if this happened here then maybe people would take pride in where they lived and the youngsters would have something to do rather than commiting crime in this run down pathetic area.
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