Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Camapign group and local community centre hold housing meeting

Some members of Cedar Tenants Association have been helping to publicize the following meeting. A few of us are involved with helping to run The George's X Chalkboard. I received this news release about the event this morning.

The George's X Chalkboard has been the venue for Cedar Tenants Association meetings since the GHA banned Cedar Tenants Association from using our tenants meeting room (see previous posts for further details). The Chalkboard exists to promote active community participation, direct democracy and to help groups (such as Residents Associations) get together that will take this forward:-

Public meeting organised jointly by "Georges X Chalkboard" and "Save our Homes Campaign" Thursday 16th March 7: 30 at the Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street, Glasgow G20 7QF (Map)

Public meeting organised jointly by "Georges X Chalkboard" and "Save our
Homes Campaign" Thursday 16th March 7:30pm at the Woodside Hall, 36
Glenfarg Street, Glasgow G20 7QF

"The need to know. The publics right to be informed"

The meeting was called to address and demystify a range of issues
including: Second stage transfer - What is the future of your home and
your community.

"Save Our Homes Campaign" is a group who recognise the need for joined
up thinking, and cooperation - and that the housing problems and
confusion that tenants are experiencing, is city wide and systematic.

The George's X Chalkboard is a small drop-in social centre, set up and run by
volunteers. We have been involved in a range of activities, from local
history projects, music, local group meetings and cater to all ages.

What the group is finding more and more through talking to local people,
is a need to discuss housing problems which is becoming one
of the staple occupations of the shop. There is confusion and insecurity
amongst local people on issues such as where they will be in a year or two,
their house will be demolished, will they get one of the new houses that
have been promised. This is having a drastic effect on the community.

Compounded by the private development that is sprouting up all around them,
there is insecurity due to the lack of repairs to rented property, or the over
pricing for work carried out to "Right to buy" house owners. This frustration
has fueled the need for a meeting.

The Chalkboard has risen to the challenge of assisting tenants to independently
decipher the plans, strategies and promises, of organisations such as the
Glasgow Housing Association, and Glasgow City Council, who spend great deals of
money selling ideas to the public and very little, on allotting costs towards
public representation.

This meeting will attempt to address and explain the wider issues that will
eventually have an effect on all of our houses and the social, as well as the
financial costs to ourselves created by the upheaval of property development
that is consuming our city.

The George's X Chalkboard is in receipt of no public funding, is independent,
and is not affiliated to any political party.

Georges X Chalkboard,
34 Clarendon Place,
Glasgow, G20 7PZ,
0141 332 2902

---------Info on flier---------------

What does GHA's business plan mean for you?

Is your home under threat of demolition, and if so why?

What is second stage transfer
and what does it mean for

What is the future of GHA
rental guarantees – will rents
go up?

GHA's planned doubling of
charges for homeowners, what
does it mean for you? Are
you already being charged too much?

Whether you are a tenant of the GHA or a homeowner GHA's latest business plan
is likely to have implications for you. This is a joint meeting being held by
the Save Our Homes Campaign and the George's X Chalkboard.

Invited speakers include:-

- Sean Clerkin (Save Our Homes Campaign, Chair)
- The George's X Chalkboard

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