Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Cedar Tenants Take Action!

Today Cedar tenants were faced with yet another disgraceful example of neglect as tenants, who let's not forget include mothers with prams and the elderly, in block 104 are at this moment being forced to walk up and down up to 22 flights of stairs in the fire escape. Both lifts have broken down and are out of action, and people are reporting that their water supply is not working. The backstairs fire escape is also shrouded in darkness as all the lights in all the corridors are now off, making conditions dangerous for many.

Tenants felt enough was enough, and banners will now stay up until the lift situation is resolved while we consider further action. Enough is enough! No more running this scheme into the ground!

If the water isn't back on soon, I'm phoning environmental haelth.

I think also that a rent rebate is in order!
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