Sunday, July 30, 2006


Victory! Unwanted development shelved

Another victory! Cedar Tenants Association has been part of a campaign to have a tower blocked planned for our area knocked back. The block would have cost taxpayers 12 million pounds and is part of a masterplan for our area to build lots of expensive housing for sale at the canal.

We won a public inquiry into the development and the developer then scrapped their plans to build the tower block.

Who says local residents can't ever achieve anything eh!? That's two major victories in one week! :-)

I can't help but wonder y you's guys would knock this major development plan back this would be a huge boost to the local economy plus the community not to mention the jobs this would create in the community very disappointing stuff I just read which was written with a huge smile on the persons face .yous go on that ur would have cost the tax payer 12million I fink that's a reasonable investment in such a deprived but flourishing community. You's really shouldn't have decided this one over a cup ov tea n custard cream .
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