Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Cedar Goes To Maryhill...

Here was the text for the leaflet for the demonstration which took place last Wednesday, as part of the emerging Glasgow Residents Network's campaign to see Local Housing Organisations which have been mistreating tenants shown up and brought into line through targetted demonstrations. Cedar Tenants Association went along to support the demonstration...

[Cedar Tenants Association Supported the Small Demonstration, which marched to Maryhill Local Housing Office, and which forced a manager to come out and speak to the assembled crowd]

Why Are Cumlodden
Residents Still Being
Forced To Live In

27th Sept.

Meet: 1:30PM - Cumlodden Evangelical Church, Cumlodden Drive
March to: Maryhill Local Housing Office, Gairbraid Avenue.

Residents of the Cumlodden Estate in Maryhill have been the subject of years of neglect by their landlord, the GHA, and before that by the council. Many residents currently do not have flushing toilets, and have had to cope with Eastern European piping fitted by GHA blocking and causing effluent spillage in their homes. For months now Community Housing Manager Bill Lanigan has been making a series of promises to residents, often in writing, to state that investment is due to be made, all of them have proven false. This culminated last week in a meeting held for residents in the area called by the GHA where the landlord tried to disavow earlier promises of installing apex roofs to the flatroofed damp properties. Residents had had enough and voted against the betrayal, for new apex roofs to make their homes watertight.

Come along on Wednesday the 27th September, at 1:30PM, at Cumlodden Drive and show your support for a Maryhill Community that is fighting to be treated fairly.

Demonstration supported by the Glasgow Residents Network and a number of Glasgow Residents Associations – we expect people to come from across the city to lend their support so we also need to see as many people from the local area as possible – we need answers and we need them now.

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