Saturday, November 25, 2006


washing machine victory

"After two years of fighting, GHA has now finally fixed my water pressure!"

Tenant Alice Coy of the middle block has now had her water pressure fixed to allow her to run a washing machine. Previously water travelled from a rooftop storage tank to a tank in her house. As the water was coming from a tank in her house the pressure wasn't sufficient to run a washing machine. Her water also tasted nasty as the tank will never have been cleaned. Now a pipe has been fitted to miss out this tank.

"My water tastes great... I've been washing an industrial amount of clothes since I got it fixed."

Before Alice had to manually fill her washing machine, in a degrading and tedious process that lasted twenty minutes or more, and required her to be at home by the washing machine while cleaning her clothes.

"I'm a student - I need clean uniforms every day."

GHA had told Alice that a washing machine was a luxury item, and that if she got the repairs necessary to make hers work properly done privately then she would be liable for any damage caused. This is what they tell all tenants in Cedar. However Alice challenged the local housing manager Stephen McAvoy during a meeting organised by the tenants association that his wife wouldn't like to be told that a washing machine was a luxury item. McAvoy agreed, and as the meeting was recorded and the transcript posted on this website, Alice has never since been told that a washing machine is a luxury item. In fact the GHA carried out a study and paid a contractor to look into the problem. The contractor then issued a report which was passed onto the tenants association outlining the options available for the GHA. The recommended solution costs them £250 per household. This is less than they make a month from each of us (average rent bills are around £300 per month). It took a while, and much faffing but eventually Alice's washing machine is now fixed, is yours?

The tenants association is aware that people are still being told that a washing machine is a luxury item. Yet Alice's washing machine has now been fixed. Alice doesn't think it's fair that she should get special treatment because she's annoyed the GHA with constant emails and telephone calls. Neither do we. If you live in Cedar and you have a water pressure problem, you can't run your washing machine, or your water isn't fit to drink we want to hear from you. Let us know by emailing today

Tenant pressure works

Alice has now had her water pressure fixed because she, and the rest of the tenants association didn't take 'NO!' for an answer. The lifts in the three tower blocks are now being fixed because we fought for them to be fixed, and a number of other victories have been achieved.

We will fight to ensure fairness. If the GHA can fix the water pressure for Alice, they can fix it for everyone else, now.

Join the tenants Association today, and help us fight for a better community. With your help we get stronger and everyone benefits.

Email: if you have any queries about this post, or the association, you live in Cedar and want to join the association, or if you have water pressure problems and you want us to take up your case.

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