Sunday, July 30, 2006


Victory! Unwanted development shelved

Another victory! Cedar Tenants Association has been part of a campaign to have a tower blocked planned for our area knocked back. The block would have cost taxpayers 12 million pounds and is part of a masterplan for our area to build lots of expensive housing for sale at the canal.

We won a public inquiry into the development and the developer then scrapped their plans to build the tower block.

Who says local residents can't ever achieve anything eh!? That's two major victories in one week! :-)


Victory! New Lifts!

If you can view pdf files on your computer then click on the link below to see the original letter from Michael Lennon.

If you can't then the letter sent to us by Robert Brown MSP (who has been assisting us with the campaign) it's reproduced in text below. Please note that there is no truth to Michael Lennon's huffy statement that the GHA have offered to discuss their proposals with the tenants association. The GHA have offered to meet with us on a regular basis and we will be pursuing this, however at no point have they offered to discuss proposals and Lennon must just be miffed that we forced them to replace our lifts. It's also interesting to note that he claims the problems have been overstated. Anyone who stays in the flats can be the judge of that:-

The Scottish

Robert Brown
MSP for Glasgow Region

REB/MSP /HW /PA/180706
18thJuly 2006
Cedar Tenants Association

Dear Cedar Tenants Association,

Lift Situation in Cedar Court
I refer to our recent exchange and enclose a copy of the reply I have had from GHA regarding teh lifts in the tower blocks in Cedar Street. As you will see, they are to upgrade the lifts in September. I hope this will deal with the problems.

Best wishes,
Robert E Brown MSP
Liberal Democrat MSP for Glasgow Region

Parliamentary Office
Olympic House, 2ndFloor
142 Queen Street Glasgow G13BU
T: 0141 243 2421 F: 0141 243 2451 uk


The Glasgow Housing Association Limited
Granite House
177 Trongate
Glasgow G1 5HF
Tel: 0141 2746200
- --
Our Ref:ML/AW/ewd
5thJuly 2006

Robert Brown
MSP for Glasgow Region
Parliamentary Office
Ol1mpic House
2" Floor
142 Queen Street
Glasgow G1 3BU
Dear Mr Brown
Cedar Street, St George's Estate,_Maryhill

Thank you for your letter regarding the lifts in three tower blocks in Cedar .street.

As part of GHA's ongoing investment commitment to regenerate the St Georges Cross
area, substantial works to upgrade the lifts at the Cedar Street flats have been scheduled. This work will involve the replacing and upgrading of both the gear and lifting machinery associated with all six lifts covering the three blocks. This will improve both the performance and reliability of these lifts. The work will commence in September 2006 and last for approximately seven to ten days.

Contingency arrangements have been made to ensure there is always at least one lift per block operational at all times. GHA's concierge staff will provide as much assistance as possible to residents to further minimise any inconvenience during this work. The cause and extent of this problem has not perhaps been as chronic as might have been suggested but we do accept there is a problem and have consequently acted to improve this issue. The average monthly breakdown of all six lifts has been five service breakdowns, repaired at an average response time of thirty minutes. Eighty percent of these breakdowns are attributable to vandalism and not mechanical breakdown. Where we have identified those responsible for this vandalism we have taken appropriate action.

We have offered on several occasions to discuss our proposals with the Cedar Tenants
Group, which offer, unfortunately, thus far they have declined. The local housing office will, however, attempt to do so again.

GHA is committed to delivering improvements as quickly as possibly to our customers and we hope our plans set out above will resolve this issue and, as always, we strive to make service improvements where possible.

The Glasgow Housing Association Lld is a non profit making housing association registered under the
Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, Registered No. 2572R(S).
Registered Office: Granite House, 177 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HF.
The Glasgow Housing Association Lld is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a Scottish Charity, Scottish Index No. SC034054
and is registered with Communities Scotland under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 as a Registered Social Landlord, Registered No. 317.
VAT Registration No. 796 7094 66

Working for equality

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I trust the above information is of assistance.
Yours sincerely
Michael Lennon
Chief Executive

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